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Our extensive range of services:

> Our own customs agents guarantee trouble-free customs clearance for your belongings.
> We can provide secure storage for items you do not wish to take with you.
> Our relocation service assists you in finding a new home, dealing with the authorities, registering your car
and finding schools for your children.
> On request, we can draw up a profile of your new surroundings so you will know in advance what to expect.
> Diplomat service: If desired, your belongings can be assembled and arranged in your new home
> In the event of claims, our transport insurance settles everything quickly and without fuss.



Feel at home anywhere!

In the majority of cases, a move to another country or another city means not only a new apartment but an entirely new environment and a whole host of questions: which residential area will suit me best, what school should I send the children to and where can I meet other people with similar interests?
Companies that frequently relocate their staff to other cities are particularly aware that it is always the same questions that crop up when staff are asked to relocate. Such concerns can create uncertainty for those involved, and this makes the decision to move more difficult.

A relocation service can help employees to settle into a new place and feel at home there. Our relocation package also includes services that concern the address to be left behind but are nevertheless an essential part of the move, such as dealing with the authorities and selling the current home.
We are happy to advise you on this, and on request, we will produce a customised proposal that includes appropriate relocation measures.

Long distance removals


When you have to move, we make sure you soon feel at home again!

Moving often marks the start of a new stage of your life. At such an eventful time, it is a great help if the move is organised and carried out by professionals. We help you to feel at home again quickly in your new surroundings.

We work together with you to agree on a personalised removals solution, completely in accordance with your wishes and requirements. Our experts provide free and professional advice on site. Before every move, we compile a list of the goods to be moved, at the same time checking whether anything requires specialist packaging.

We offer a comprehensive range of services related to your move from which you can take your pick:
     • Provision of packaging materials, including specialist packaging
     and covers
     • Packing of goods
     • Professional dismantling and assembly of furniture and kitchens
     • Refurbishment of the old and/or new apartment
     • Property service (see Relocation)
     • Tradesmen service (e.g. hiring joiners, painters, tilers, electricians,      
     plumbers and heating engineers)
     • Interim storage (see Storage)

Every item to be transported by us is handled with the utmost care.
If anything untoward should happen, you can rely on us for a no-fuss, rapid settlement of claims. Your guarantee for this is our good name.

Works of art and antiques


Protecting fine artefacts from harm!

It is the one-off and valuable items in particular that are also generally
the most fragile. If you require specialist transportation, you need the help
of professionals who know how to handle your precious possessions.

Whether it is a work of modern art or an old master, a Ming vase, Art
Nouveau furniture or a piano – we not only have the necessary expertise
to move your special treasures, we also know how to handle them.

With our expert staff and specialist transport equipment, your valuables
are in the safest of hands and will arrive in one piece at their destination.

We also use special air-conditioned vehicles if valuable items need to be protected from fluctuations in temperature and extreme weather conditions. Vans with air-ride suspension reduce the negative impact of road conditions en route. When loading and unloading, we give the highest priority to security. This is achieved, for example, through the use of level access loading.

Whenever you have a tricky transport problem, simply contact us without obligation. We are always happy to offer you guidance and assistance.

Transporting protected data


Play it safe!

Failures in the handling of sensitive client data can have serious
consequences for companies. It is therefore imperative when transporting material covered by data protection to use specialist expertise and to take the utmost care, from the planning stage all the way through
to implementation.

Following a site visit, we draw up a project plan that is tailored to your
individual requirements. We summarise in minute detail all possible
security risks and make recommendations on how to counter them.
During the whole process, a central contact coordinates all activities
and is available to answer all your questions.

And of course, the technical equipment must also be right. We offer a wide range of practical transport options consistent with varying levels of security, for example lockable security boxes. Loading and unloading is significantly speeded up by the use of modern ramp systems.

Further security measures

• Loading and unloading by our highly trained full-time staff.
• Additional security staff can be provided.
• Everyone involved signs a confidentiality agreement.
• Seamless documentation of the entire transport process.
• All loading and unloading logged with the customer.
• Vans can be sealed.
• On-board GPS system permits monitoring of vehicle route and stops.
• Online Tracking: Using tracking ID, you can check the status of your move online.


Transport equipment


Faster operational readiness using efficient technology!

A move always involves a break in operations. In order to keep this downtime to a minimum, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment. We deploy different transport equipment depending on what is required.

For example, we use crane-portable furniture containers with air-ride suspension. Even containers from furniture vans can be lifted up to high windows using a truck crane and can be loaded from there.

Additional security using sealable containers.

Cost-effective storage using stackable containers.

Using fibre-glass ramps that bridge the differences in height between the window and the container, even items that have wheels or casters can be delivered without difficulty through a window - as far up as the eighth floor.

Time savings of around 40% in loading and unloading.

A technique used by only a few removals companies to date.

For all containers with wheels and casters.

Mobile shelving systems:
The use of mobile shelving systems simplifies the entire move and offers greater security: from packing and transporting through to quick identification of items and unpacking.

Available in different versions, including lockable/sealable
security boxes.

Rapid access to files and suspension files right up to and
immediately after the move.

Better protection from fire and rainwater than cardboard cartons.