International and overseas removals E-mail

If you are moving abroad, you can count on us!

RemovalsDifferent countries, different customs. Whether you are moving for work or for private reasons to somewhere in Europe or maybe even another continent, you will constantly be confronted with new challenges: customs regulations, dealing with the authorities, finding a new home, coping with other people and much more besides. To ensure that your move does not become an ordeal, you need someone by your side who knows their way around.

We assist you with choosing and coordinating your transport options by land, sea or air. Rest assured that our priority is the safe, reliable and rapid transportation of all your belongings to their new destination, no matter how great the distance. We put together for you a personalised service package that takes into account all your needs and requirements.

On a long journey, your belongings will be exposed to different climatic conditions, transport systems and perhaps also loading processes. For this reason, we plan in advance how individual items can be best packed and secured so that they are protected from impact, moisture, heat and sundry other risks.